The chalet ALPENROSE

. The Chalet ALPENROSE, an authentic place.

The chalet dubbed “Alpenrose” (alpine rose) nestles near the main streets of Chamonix in the area called Les Mouilles.
It was built and sculpted entirely by the hand of the master of the house, Marcel WIBAULT.

The chalet was built to house his family and also served as a studio.
Begun in 1943, it took Marcel several years to decorate it with friezes, patterns and sculptures.
Marcel is above all else an outgoing person who is happy to welcome clients in his studio, whether a visiting celebrity or a passing tourist, always with his characteristic warmth and ease.
He loves communicating to them his passion for mountain painting, for geology and also for the historical figures he is constantly studying.
These places reflect Marcel WIBAULT's whole philosophy.
Simple family life marked by his love of the mountains, his artistic passion and his work that will continue right up to his death.

. The Marcel WIBAULT Memorial Association

To commemorate this exceptionally gifted painter who died in 1998, his son Lionel founded the Marcel Wibault Memorial Association ("La Mémoire de Marcel WIBAULT") to safeguard his father's paintings and the family chalet.
Thanks to the association, the public can now visit the Alpenrose chalet, a wonderful and authentic building that has now become a memorial site that houses some of the artist's original works.


Annual exhibitions at the Alpenrose memorial site in Chamonix

From mid-June to mid-September every year the public can visit some of Marcel Wibault's original artwork around themes that change every year.

. Summer 2001 : inauguration of the memorial site and first exhibition “Marcel Wibault's art” comprising 50 paintings that chronicle his work.

. Summer 2002 : “Mountain painting – snapshots with altitude” 40 works of art of high mountain peaks.

. Summer 2003 : “Faces and expressions” 60 works (drawings and oils) of people.

. Summer 2004 : “Mountain chalets and hamlets” 50 scenic views.

. Summer 2005 : “High peaks” 40 works mainly depicting glaciers and lakes.

. Summer 2006 : “From Besançon to Chamonix – a mountain painter's itinerary”. 50 works from his youth, produced between 1919 and 1950.

. Summer 2007 : « Mountain chalets and hamlets »

. Summer 2008 : « People and portraits, mirrors of Life  »

A slide show chronicling the artist's life, will be introduced to you there, produced by Jean-Claude Glandus.


Where is ALPENROSE ?

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