Lionel WIBAULT is an imaginative and unconventional artist who is who he is thanks to two activities that embody two different lifestyles: painting and mountaineering.

    A return ticket between two arts which he conjugates with big talent and that are so much hymns in creation and in freedom of expression.

    " On gagne sa liberté avec de l'audace. "

    Lionel WIBAULT

    (Dare to be Free)

    . « On gagne sa liberté avec de l'audace. » (Dare to be free)

    These few words written on a beam in Lionel Wibault's studio encapsulate the character of a man who fits no mould; he goes wherever and paints however he pleases and speaks as he finds.

    . Art is in the blood...

    Lionel is the only son of Marcel WIBAULT, an artist who is today highly rated and sort after as a painter of mountains.
    As a child, Lionel often slept in his father's studio amidst the canvases and paints.
    Throughout his early years he watched his father paint with exceptional prowess.
    Brought up in an atmosphere of love for painting and mountains, Lionel has kept to his artistic heritage.

    . Mountain guide

    Before taking up painting Lionel tried the thrill of top level skiing, but stopped to work in the demanding job of mountain guide.
    He became a member of the Chamonix Association of Mountain Guides in 1971 and has covered thousands of kilometers in the Chamonix Valley and the Mont-Blanc massif.

    He has over 2000 ascents to his credit including some high peaks conquered wearing crampons and several challenging climbs and north face experiences.
    His whole life is about testing himself against the mountain.
    He has been marked by these encounters with mountains, and he expresses the experience in his paintings.

    . « Lionel WIBAULT paints what he experiences, and his father Marcel paints what he has seen »

    Lionel the guide succumbs to his innate artistic drive and becomes a painter.
    His father offers early advice, telling him to “capture the mountain's structure”.
    His experiences of mountain races soon persuade him to develop his own vision and paint impressions and effects rather than reality…

    . Lionel WIBAULT, aka WIBO

    Lionel therefore breaks free of the more realistic and pastoral style of his father.
    To mark the difference Lionel starts to sign his paintings WIBO.

    . An impressionist painter of the high peaks

    Lionel WIBAULT stores in his memory the infinite hues and beauty of ever-changing nature…
    He is perfectly happy to set up his easel in a place where he can catch a view of great beauty or take careful note of the colors for later use in his studio.

    He also does not hesitate to put down his easel on motive to grab the beauty of the site or to note down colors which he will reuse in sessions in his "Atelier".

    Lionel WIBAULT in Sweden

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    Lionel WIBAULT on a Swedish frozen lake

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